As a single mom, I have always had to carefully manage my money in order to stay in the house, pay my bills, save for my son's college and take a few vacations here and there.

When I turned 50 years old, I left my job to start over as an artist and it became even more important to systematically manage my money. Friends have recently asked me to help them.. so I have turned my general concept for handling money into this program which I am calling "The Stiletto Plan."

Rather than a million spreadsheets and details, I look at the larger picture of how much money I need, for any given year, I divide the year into quarters and then I look at the quarters in terms of 4 numbers. I need to fill 4 Stilettos with money.

Conceptually putting money into specialized Stilettos, each Stiletto representing money I must have on hand PRIOR to the month, or quarter before I actually spend the money. It's my 4 number budgeting and cash flow system which I am calling "the Stiletto Plan".

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