The Stiletto Plan will help you take back control of your everyday finances.
...without a ton of detailed spreadsheets
...just a simple budget and cash flow system


It works like this:

Imagine saving up your money in four Stilettos,
one for each type of expense:

Yellow Monthly Stiletto

Yellow Stiletto
for your Monthly Expenses.

Blue Stiletto for your Variable Expenses

Blue Stiletto
for your Variable Expenses.

Green Extra Saving Stiletto

Green Stiletto
for your Extra Savings Deposits.

Pink Stiletto for your Exta Debt Payments

Pink Stiletto
for your Extra Debt Payments.

Then take 5 easy steps to
  • ceate your simple, useable budget,
  • check your plan,
  • and track your budget with a checklist to make sure you're paid all your bills first!
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